Greed by Kaze

Greed   by Kaze

     Cory ate the sandwich and put the socks on. “Thanks. I needed that.”

     “Do you want another sandwich or socks? I have extra.” I dig around in my sack of goodies.

     “No, thank you. I don’t want to be greedy.”

     “What do you consider greedy?” I say.

     “When I lived in an apartment, I had a lot of stuff that I really didn’t need. I had a friend who never seem to have enough. He got things like he could never have enough. For me, that’s greed–never having enough. When I became homeless, I kept only the things I absolutely need and to carry on my back all day. I have a lot less things but I am more content.”

     He puts his coat back on and waves goodbye saying “God Bless You.”

     I think about this a lot. I still have too many clothes and objects in my life.  I need to consider how I want to simplify my life style.

     I’m so glad I met Cory today.



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