Of Use

Usefulness  by Kaze

     “Would you like a beanie and a scarf?” I ask. “It will get colder this weekend.”

     “I’ll take the beanie but the scarf is not that useful,” he replies.  He puts the beanie on.

     “Where did you learn that?” I ask.

     “Oh, from all the homeless that I meet. They tell me to chuck everything else that will weigh me down,” he says with a shrug.

      “What did you get rid of?” I ask, not really wanting the answer.

     “An action figure of Superman, and a book I was reading about wizards,” he says looking away.

     I hesitate to say anything since he obviously feels the loss of his things. He says “It’s okay. I have to be grown up now and make hard decisions or so my mother says.”

     “You have to do what you think is right,” I say. “For myself, I find that having something that is fun or beautiful sometimes helps me through the dark spots. I still have a teddy bear that I keep on my table.”

     He laughs. “Maybe. I’ll think about it.”

     We say goodbye and I think long and hard about the life of a child that is not grown up and needs something beyond merely useful things.

     I love things that make me happy. I need to look again at usefulness and beauty.


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