Not Changing

Not Changing   by Kaze

     “What’s up?” I ask the man who just got up from sleeping under a tree.

     He yawns and stretches his arms. “Not much. I saw my social worker yesterday and she just talked smack.”

     “What did she want?” I ask.

     He laughs. “What they all want.  They want me to change my baaaaad ways.”

     “Are any of them ways you want to change?” I ask.

     “That’s a good question,” he says. “I don’t like being called lazy or stupid. But there are things that I would like to change. I can’t seem to get a job. Everyone tells me I have a bad attitude but I just don’t know what to say when someone asks me “why” I want a job. Duh…because I need it.”

     “What do you think the person hiring you wants to hear?” I ask.

     “I don’t know. Maybe they want me to tell them that working for him is soooo important. But I can’t do that.”

     “The way it probably will work is that you will change your attitude when you want a job bad enough. Change has to come when you want it not when someone else wants it. That is a basic human right,” I say.

     “Thanks,” he says. “I’ll think about it.” He takes a few steps away and turns back. “I really will think about it.”

     He leaves and I think about the changes I know I should do but haven’t yet.



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